Theresa's Wheat Dream

Mrs. Maiyze has just announced a charity event that she will be organising and participating in, once she retires from politics which she said could be as soon as January 2020. What is this event? A marathon through wheat in her constituency of Maidenhead in order to raise money and awareness for Wheat rehabilitation centres.

“There are 12 wheat fields all adjacent to one another” Theresa Mayo told the press. “It would be absolutely perfect, I already have the route planned out in my head. The best bit about it is that every wheat field will be run through at least 4 times with some of the larger wheat fields being visited ten times throughout the duration of the marathon. It’s something I’ve been planning ever since I was a little girl, but I thought it was so naughty that if I told anyone they would tell on me and I would be in all sorts of horrible trouble. Luckily I couldn’t give a flying flamingo any more! It's always been my wheat dream.”

The thought had been plaguing Theresa’s mind for the last three decades. “It’s brilliant just to finally have the idea out there and so many naughty people like me behind it and running with it.”

The event is to take place on June 27th 2020 in the heart of Berkshire. When asked “how did you get the landowner on board for the event?" she replied “Well we had a deal, well it was kind of a deal, so, then we lost the deal, so it was going to be no-deal, but it turns out we might actually have some sort of deal. It's a waiting game at the moment!"

"The wheat rehabilitation centres are estimated to cost around a tenner each and we only need a couple of them." she added. Theresa designed the wheat rehabilitation centres when she was just nine years old and was deeply concerned about the longevity of wheat in the UK.